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“Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.”

-Helen Keller-

About us

Denisa Drbohlavová

Who is Denisa?

Denisa is an entrepreneur with a load of experience in social media marketing.

She’s been successfully running both Facebook and Instagram accounts for her clients, helping with branding, creating content and specific marketing strategies suited for each platform. She has been working with many national companies in different niches, which allows her to spice up her work and come up with new exciting ideas every time.

She has recently launched her own brand called „Jak na brand“ web: www.jaknabrand.cz, where she’s leveraging everything she knows about Instagram and its marketing strategies to help Czech companies grow their online presence, fan base and sales using this thriving revolutionary platform.

Her positive attitude and ability to bring a piece of herself into everything she does is reflecting in her work and makes your customers feel appreciated and cared for.

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Who is Jana?

Jana is a world-traveling social media marketer with a lot of experience in different marketing areas.

As an affiliate marketer, she gained experience in social media management, branding, running successful Facebook ad campaigns, building funnels and managing other marketing automation tools.

Within the years she has worked with different international companies which gave her various experience and allowed her to test which social media strategies work and which seized to be effective.

Jana is an owner of her web www.janadubnova.com which is designed to help young people with an entrepreneurial mindset and lust for independence to evolve in business, grow as a person and ultimately make their dreams reality.

She is dedicated to breaking the habit of „herd thinking“ and empowers young people to choose their own path.

We Boost your Online Presence

and Take your Marketing to the Next Level!

Is the whole online social media marketing thing overwhelming you? Do you have no idea how to leverage it up to its potential?
Social media don’t have to be the necessary evil anymore!




Because we have one hell of an experience with it!  We actually spent countless hours on marketing education and social media strategies. We observed, implemented, tweaked, learned and improved.
Within the past year we perfected our craft and now we united our strengths to bring you the ultimate service!
We will

We Run your Social Media

and increase your Brand Awarenesss and Engagement

Create a Strategy Tailored To Your Brand

Implement it and increase your Brand Consistency 


Two Heads Are Better Than One

Twice the experience, different ideas and one payment. 

International Background

Only the best strategies from the US and European market



Don’t just listen to us. Here is what people say about us.

  • Honest and open-hearted business partner

    I came across Denisa's IG by accident and it immediately caught my attention because of her ideology of life and entrepreneurship, which is very similar to mine. After some weeks of following her, I reached out and I'm very happy I did! She's very practical, open-hearted, earthed and also has no problem to express disagreement. She's not the nodding person who will not tell her opinion, which is something very rare.

    I would highly recommend cooperation with her. She's a humble smiling woman who is a great help in business.

    Honest and open-hearted business partner
    Darja Janíčková
  • Her ideas are great

    It's obvious that Denisa loves what she does and most importantly, understands it. Her ideas are great and she always puts herself into everything she does. It's a real pleasure to cooperate with her.

    Her ideas are great
    Klára Burgess Davidová

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