Instagram and Facebook Marketing Services To Increase Your Brand Awareness

Is the social media buzz overwhelming you? Instagram, Facebook – what is the difference in strategies?
Do you feel like social platforms are a necessary evil?

We’ve got your back!

Social platforms are no longer just about sharing your everyday life. They are the holy grail of traffic for business owners.
In other words, they are the hottest way to get new eyeballs on your product or service, create a relationship with your audience, grow your brand awareness and drive unlimited traffic to your sales pages.
We are here to help you by lifting the weight of managing your social media on a daily basis so you can dedicate your time to things you excel in while we bring your social presence to the next level.
After thousands of hours spent on educating and monitoring the best strategies on social media, we can create and implement the best one for you.

Build Your Brand with us 

Focus your attention on the things you love, leave the social media buzz to us.


Increase Brand Awareness

Brand awareness refers to the extent to which customers are able to recall or recognize a brand. Unless people know about you, they will hardly buy from you. We make sure your brand will reach more eyeballs and create new connections with people.

Improve Brand Consistency

Brand consistency is the pattern of expression that affects what people think about your company. The more consistent your messaging, the more consistent your branding — whether via words, design, offerings or perspective. We help your brand to build awareness and develop trust and loyalty with customers.

Increase Your Engagement

Customer engagement is the emotional connection between a customer and a brand. Highly engaged customers buy more, promote more, and demonstrate more loyalty. We help you provide a high-quality customer experience which is an important component in your business strategy.

Create killing ADS

There’s a science behind creating a high performing ad, but once you nail it, your brand awareness spreads like a wildfire and new customers are reaching out to you on autopilot. Sounds good? Let’s establish your presence on FB and IG and let’s get to it!

Get rid of the burden on your back and make it one of your best assets instead.

Why Instagram?

Often underestimated, but rapidly growing platform that presents the best source of free traffic, that has a potential of building an unbreakable bound between your brand and your customers and create a community that will support you!
The opportunities that come with Stories and Posts on Instagram are incredible!

Why Facebook?

Facebook is growing every day, Did you know it has 2.23 billion monthly active users. There is no better place on Earth to find your potential customers. You just have to know how to attract them.

Another fun fact: Did you know that 80% of consumers are more inclined to purchase from you if they find a credible, authentic and active FB page associated with your business?


Starting at ($450/mo)

Strategy Development

Content Creation and Posting

Increasing Instagram Likes and Comments

Responding to Comments and DMs

Audience Research

Building a Community around your Brand

Influencer Marketing

Attraction Marketing

Hashtag Strategy

Ads and Campaigns Creation


Starting at ($450/mo)

Strategy Development

New FB Business Page Setup

Content Creation

Graphics Creation

Facebook Contests Creation

Building a Community around your Brand

Content (texts, images) Posting

Responding to Comments and DMs

Attraction Marketing

 Ads and Campaigns creation

In the case of managing both platforms, the price reduces! 

During the call we will find out your needs and based on them we will create a customized proposal for you.



“Two heads are better than one”
✔️ Twice as much experience and knowledge for one payment.
✔️ Denisa will make your customers feel like family, Jana will take over the „techy“ part.
✔️ Only the best strategies from both the American and European market!
✔️ Our services are a dime a dozen.


Work with us

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what people say about us.

  • Competent marketer and established professional

    Jana is a very competent marketer and established professional with a lot of skills and know how. She is dedicated, hardworking and knows how to get results.  She is also a great pleasure to work with!

    I would highly recommend Jana to anyone who has a need for her skill set. You will not be disappointed! I'm telling you from experience that this individual will enhance your business and always sets the bar high for success.

    Competent marketer and established professional
    Eliane Carbajal Kalinowski
  • She knows exactly what we need

    In cooperation with Denisa, I appreciate her ability to understand our needs and work independently. Our activity on social media got to a whole new level with her. Moreover, thanks to her extremely pleasant and professional behavior, cooperation with Denisa is a real pleasure.

    She knows exactly what we need
    Martin Kůra
  • Ideas and creativity

    Denisa comes up with a lot of ideas, she is very creative, and she can empathize with others. I find this a very important skill, especially in the field of social media and building a long-term strategy on Facebook and Instagram. We've been working together for months now, and it's great to see how the whole project evolves in a way that both me and our whole community love. Social strategy is a lot about experimentation, but Denisa can come up with ideas that work abroad and put them in the context of the Czech environment. It's just great and very effective!

    Ideas and creativity
    Martin Rosulek

Let’s have a virtual coffee and see how we can help you

Let’s have a virtual coffee and see how we can help you